Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday...Crazy Thursday


Today is the first day on my weight watchers journey…the day started with a boiled egg (2pts)…then off to work I went.  At work, none of the things I had planned got done.  I had to deal with other “emergencies” so, my plan got push to Friday (possibly).  At mid-morning I ate some grapes (0pts).  Lunch was one slice of bread (2pts), 1 slice of cheese (1pt), 5 very thin slices of turkey breast (3pts) and water.  That was pretty good!  Around 3:00PM I ate some cantaloupe (0Pts)…I felt pretty good throughout the day.  Now here I am fixing the hubby and the kids something to eat…PIZZA (bummer)…I mean I am not a fan of frozen pizza, but obviously since I can’t have it…I want it!

I will stay strong…I have plenty of points to use.  I just do not want to let my wants control my needs.  I will be perfectly fine skipping pizza today.  I need to make this a life style if I expect to succeed. Taking this journey is more than just a mere desire to get healthy.  I want to look hot-spanking-gorgeous before I hit the “BIG 40” and only I get to decide and control that.  Wish me luck!!! And hey I am a little mad at your for reading my post and not leaving me any comments/feedback.  Come on, let’s keep it rolling…shoot me a comment…follow my blog…let’s share this life with each other…if nothing, at least it will keep us entertained!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Night

One Hot September Night...

On a hot September night in the South, a lady in her late 30's seats and wonders about the so call southern charm. It is so troublesome to have southerners stare at a not so welcoming way.  Then there are those other southerners who welcome you with open arms.

Wonders about the differences and the similarities between a Southern girl and a Latin girl.  When you dig deep, you come to realize that both are very passionate about the things that they like.  Both have been raised with the some of the same values.

Think about this...a Latin girl has an accent...well hell a Southern girl has a drawl...

A Latin girl like her curves...well whether they like'em or not...southern girls are curvy too...

A Latin girl is family oriented and so are Southern girls.

Latin and Southerner's love music, beer, and God...

SO Why is it so hard to "fit in" feel welcome.  I asked this question to a fellow soldier while serving in the US ARMY and this is what I was told (very childish answer) "Because you Puerto Rican girls come to the states to take our good man"....I was in shock...Like seriously...Who says that?

Anyways...why the rivalry, the drama, the unease feeling...who knows...

One thing is for sure....God created us equal, with the same opportunities in life.  It is up to each individual to chose their path, their bitch, moan and complaint or to live it to the fullest!

I guess I can call myself a Puerto Rican Southerner...(LOL)

How you like me know?  Ya'll just have to deal with it....I am just saying :)

Hump Day...

HUMP DAY…      



Hello there!

What is for dinner on this gorgeous Wednesday?  I am fixing some cilantro rice with yummy fried pork chops and slices tomatoes on the side. I don’t know about you but it sounds pretty tasty!!!

Let me know what are cooking. Share some of your favorite recipes.  I am Puerto Rican but I love all kinds of foods…I love to try new things.

On another note…I joined the weight watchers today…however, I am not starting to count my points until tomorrow.  I did start my work-out today, so if you have some weight watchers tips please share them with me.  I decided to join weight watchers because I need to be held accountable.  I tried the program a few years ago and I easily lost 25 pounds.  This time I am determined and I have some support from some friends and co-workers.  I will be doing the point system and I am pumped.  I will keep you posted with my progress. I mean if you are nosy (like I am) I know you would want to know if I am losing the weight or not J

Tonight I am looking forward to BIG BROTHER… Oh yeah, every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night I have a “Big Brother” date with my husband…yes after many seasons they finally got us. It give us a good time together.  After 12 years, full time jobs and two pre-teens, we need something to look forward as a couple and we enjoy the show.  So needless to say that I will have to find another show that we can watch together once Big Brother is over.

Well…that is all for now…but don’t go too far…I probably will come back after dinner J



My newfound love for blogging, but I need help

I started blogging because it like to read what others post and I like to share my adventures.  I love to try out new products, create recipes using new products, and I would love to be able to give my opinion about those items.  However, I have no idea how to get someone to sponsor me, or how to creat giveaways, etc.  I am also struggling getting people to follow my blog.  I mean I would appreciate any feedback that would make me a better blogger.  I am hooked!!! I can blog in English or Spanish.  I can review products.  I just need a little push to get this rolling...Please Help Me!!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


A handful of shells picked on the shore of El Muelle in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

A fisherman trying to catch some fish to feed his family.

A surfer studying the ocean before surfing the waves...

Catching the wave...

My little friend...

This are some of the beautiful things I love about my Puerto Rico/

Monday, September 2, 2013


If you could change anything right about now...what would that be?

I would change the work week...I would make the weekend Monday thru Friday and the work week Saturday and Sunday.

I would change the way I see and treat others...that way I would not get so hurt when a so call friend betrays me.

I would eradicate hate from every humans heart.

I would make it were the more you eat the skinnier you get.

What would you change?



1. I have a BIG heart...I care about others like they were my own family.
2. I hold a GRUDGE like its nobody's business.
3. I keep my HAIR long just to please my husband.
4. I have a CAT, although I do not love animals.
5. I am almost 40 and I believe I LOOK great.
6. When I dislike someone...really dislike them.
7. I am passionate about FRIENDS.
8. I do not eat apple pie, pigeon peas, deer, rabbit, or any kind of beans.
9. I can eat rice everyday for the rest of my life and  happy.
10. I secretly MISS my dad every day since he left us in 2003.
11. I asks lots of QUESTIONS and silly me...I expect answers.
12. I am totally IN LOVE with my children.
13. I like SMELLS...I love to smell good.
14. I HATE when someone, including my husband, blow their nose in front of me.
15. I LIKE to be adventurous, I do not like to plan ahead.
16. I BITE my nails.
17. I LIKE to eat, then hate myself for being FAT.
18. I LIKE to work out...but not by myself.
19. Laugher and Giggles make me SMILE.
20. I am proud of who I AM.