Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tears from the sky...on a near perfect Sunday

It was a beautiful Sunday...the sun was was not cold it was not was the perfect Sunday.  Then all of the sudden, tears started falling from the sky.  Sunday was no longer the perfect day.  What to do? How to stop the tears from coming down? Tears can't be stop...tears will fall when need to.
Plans were ruined, there is no plan B...there is all the thunder and lightening of the storm and all the rain.  One needs to learn to have a plan, to think quick, to let go, not to dwell on the things that cannot be change.
What to do?  How about close your eyes, take a deep breath...and do it all over again.  When you open you eyes...all of the sudden you realized that there is a laundry basket full of clothes that need to be put away, there is dinner that must be cook, there is a child that needs your attention...and all of the sudden Sunday, once again, turn out to be a beautiful day.
Loving my Sunday
Love life for what it brings you, no matter how much you question life's intentions-YJA

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