Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mind...could you please stop wondering...

Have you ever wonder about the "What if's"...I try very hard not to go there...but sometimes...I can't help it.

Things I am loving this Saturday

This Saturday I am loving...

My new I-Phone 5
It was time for a phone upgrade...I've had my Blackberry for a few years and my husband was insisting that it was time for me to get a new phone.  Well, I could not decide between the Samsung Galaxy and the I-Phone.  Friday evening, all of the sudden I tell my husband, well let's get the phone.  I decided for the I-Phone (mainly because of all the accessories).  I am loving my new phone!!!

This "Frontera" marinate is amazing

I discovered this "Frontera" marinating bags at WalMart a few weekends ago.  I am totally in love with this. They come in different flavors and its as simple as pouring the contents into the meat, cook and enjoy.

One last favorite of the day is this "Mainstays" Raspberry Parfait candle

This smells so good...they were cheap too.  I bought this one at WalMart last week and I just lit one up today...the smell is very soothing!

This are my "I am loving this Saturday" items today. 

Mi Isla...A quick introduction...

 This is Puerto Rico. A beautiful place to vacation with your family. Before I said "I DO" I made my husband promise me that he would buy me a plane ticket to go to Puerto Rico at least once a year. We have been together for 12 years and so far he has been able to keep his promise.

I love everything about the island but one thing that I feel is different from the United States is the beaches. The colors of the sky and the ocean are amazing...just breath-taking beautiful.

The picture above is the beach near my hometown Arecibo...I grew up going to this beach with family and later one with friends. Many memories took place in this area.

Just to end this quick introduction of my beautiful is a beautiful Sunset in "El Muelle de Arecibo".

Friday, August 30, 2013

The importance of having friends

Friends...Sometimes people that play an important role in our longer are part of it. A friend, no matter what the circumstances are...will always STAY. Treasure your friends.

What is a friend? What is an acquaintance?

I think a friend is someone who will always be there for you even when you are at your worst. A friend is someone in who you condide things that are private or special for you knowing with certainty that that person would never judge you or repear the things you have said. An acquaintance for me is someone that you know, someone you interact on a daily basis or a lot, yet there is a feeling of unease, a something that would not let you move to the friendship level.

How often do friends see each other?

It truly does not even matter! A friend will always be a friend whether you spend time with that person or not. Years can go by and as soon as you see or hear that person you go back to the same level of comfort, the same trust, like you have just seen that person a day or so ago.

Why have a friend or friends?

Because when you have a friend, its a click, a magical thing just happens. A frienship is never planned or forced. Just like falling in love with your's something just happens. Having friends is like air. You need air to breathe...some people like me need live.


Latina Mama PR: THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY: Friday...that means that my on-call week at DSS is over...happy dance...No big plans for the weekend, pretty much want to catch up on some s...


Friday...that means that my on-call week at DSS is over...happy dance...No big plans for the weekend, pretty much want to catch up on some sleep.

Fridays are usually crazy at work, so I am hoping that things are going to go smoothly...drama free for this day.

Fridays are usually date night for my son and I. A while back my boy mentioned that he wanted to watch "A Haunting". So, we started watching the show together. Then I started noticing that, while the show was playing, I would go quickly to the kitchen to get a snack or something to drink and my boy will follow me. If I needed a bathroom break, my boy would pause the TV...also when the scenes will get s bit scary, he would hold on to my arm. Then I realized...he was actually scared!! So, I asked the boy...Why do you want to watch the show? His answer -"I don't know mama"....I we "watch" the show...and my adorable boy will hold on to my arm with his eyes closed as soon as the scary parts start showing. Needless to say I look forward spending that time with my kiddo. I mean he is already 11 years old, taller than me, and puberty is hitting him hard, so mama will cherish every single second the boy wants to spend with his mama.

Fridays are also days when I mentally plan things to do with the kids. I know I am due to spend some fun time with my girl. Usually movies and a trip to the bookstore is something that both of us enjoy. So maybe Saturday will be a movie night for mama and daughter.

With Jason, my husband, I might take him out Saturday for breakfast...just the two of us.

Well, now I have to get ready to go to work...I will come back later. Thanks for reading...feel free to leave comments...let me know what are your plans for the weekend and tell me...How was your Friday?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stormy Thursday

Well Thursday is almost over...the Gamecocks -vs- UNC game has been delayed due to bad weather....the Gamecocks were kicking ass 27-10...Go Gamecocks.

Watched Big Brother and the blonde was sent home (thank God) she was booed by the live audience when she excited the house for all the racist comments she made through the show. Now I am only hoping that Amanda and McCrae do not win the HOH competition.

Being laying here trying to figure out he to attract more people to my Blog. I am a beginner and I am trying to make it please follow!

Also, today after work I met my children's teachers. Its so cute to see how embarrassed they are when mom and dad go to their schools....I love my kiddos.

Now it's time to shower and go to sleep...tomorrow another work day awaits...nite nite.

Latina Mama PR: Mi Familia

Latina Mama PR: Mi Familia: Aqui les present a mi familia. Mi esposo Jason, llevamos 12 anos de casadaos. La nina es Janie y el nino es JJ. Siempre estamos juntos...

Latina Mama PR: Mi Familia

Latina Mama PR: Mi Familia: Aqui les present a mi familia. Mi esposo Jason, llevamos 12 anos de casadaos. La nina es Janie y el nino es JJ. Siempre estamos juntos...

Mi Familia

Aqui les present a mi familia. Mi esposo Jason, llevamos 12 anos de casadaos. La nina es Janie y el nino es JJ. Siempre estamos juntos.

Esta foto fue tomada en Puerto Rico durante unas vacaciones de Navidad.

Here, let me introduce my husband Jason, we have been married for 12 years. The girls name is Janie and the boy is JJ. We are always together.

This picture was taken during a Christmas vacation in Puerto Rico.
Thursday Morning Thoughts
Well, its Thursday…one more day before the weekend is here. Today I have lots of things to do at work…but I am so hooked on this “blogging thing” that I don’t want to stop.

Let’s see… today I woke up at 5:30AM, got lunch boxes for my husband and my two middle school kids, woke the kids up, made some yummy puertorrican coffee (Yaucono) and sent the kids to the school bus. They were out of the house by 6:20AM. Then the husband got ready for work and he was out of the house by 7:10AM. Then I had total silence in the house for a few minutes. I don’t want to sound harsh…but working for DSS and having a family can get pretty busy…so when I get some alone time…I cherish it. About 7:30 I decided to get ready to work and I left the house around 7:45.

Now here I am at work…trying to decide what to tackle today…I think home visits are the order today.

Today is the Gamecocks 1st game against UNC and everyone in South Carolina is excited and all you see is the garnet colors. I like the University of South Carolina, I just don’t know much about football. If I had to pick a team I would definitely go with the Gamecocks . So Go GAMECOCKS!!!

Later today the plan is to visit the children’s school. They have their open house today and that will give daddy and me a chance to meet the kid’s teacher (which I am so looking forward to…).
I guess that its it for now…later on I will come back with another blog…thinking about having a fun questions and answers kind of game for Thursdays…but now…I really have to get back to work. Happy Thursday!!! Feliz Jueves!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

LatinaMamaPR: Likes and Dislikes about South Carolina

LatinaMamaPR: Likes and Dislikes about South Carolina: Likes The weather -for the most part, is comfortable. The slow pace -I lived in Arlington, VA and Ft. Sam Houston, TX and everything was...

Likes and Dislikes about South Carolina


  • The weather -for the most part, is comfortable.
  • The slow pace -I lived in Arlington, VA and Ft. Sam Houston, TX and everything was a lot faster there.
  • BBQ -I mean seriously Carolina BBQ is Great.
  • The music- I love to listen to country music.
  • Gamecocks fans - they are the most loyal fans ever (and I don't even keep up with football).
  • Some people -I hate to say it but I am 50-50 on this one.  People from the south either like you or dislike you, there is no meeting in the middle.
  • The beach -logically coming from an island, I love the ocean.
  • Open fields -I love how I can drive for miles and miles and see nothing but open fields, green grass, cotton fields -it's so peaceful.
  • Sense of Family -Southerners take pride on their families and they always stick for each other.


  • Judgmental people - I can't believe that in 2013 people in the south, well some people, still judge you by your looks, or the way you sound, or where you come from.
  • Drivers -This one is kind of persona, I know I am an aggressive driver an I struggle with people driving under the speed limit.
  • Employment -Finding a job in South Carolina is a very, very difficult task.
  • Sweet Tea - OMG!! Sweet Tea in the Carolinas is almost like opening a bad of sugar and pouring it directly into your mouth.
  • DMV- This one again is personal...When you go to the DMV to get your driver's license and the moron at the front desk asks in any possible way if you are a US citizen, you answer yes, and the person asks "Since when".  Well, is not my fault that the ignorant employee did not know that P.R. is a territory of the United States. 
  • Country Girls -And again this one does not include all of them...just the ones that think they are better than anyone else in the world (and the sad thing is that they have never been anywhere else but  in the neck of the woods).
These are just some of the things that came to my mind today.  I do like most of the people that I have come across in South Carolina.  Just a few have crossed me the wrong way. I believe that South Carolina is a great place to raise my children.  I struggle with some people that due to the lack of education keep asking to see my green card...but that is OK....God gave me a mouth and I sure as hell know how to use it :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Latina Mom in the South...

Man am I proud of being from Puerto Rico-Hell yeah! - I would not change that about me.  But let me tell you something, being a Puertorrican mother in the South is no joke.  From having to decipher some of the most common southern sayings, to having to adjust to the southern accent, to attempt to communicate with this wonderful southerners...was no easy joke. The truth all depends how you want to take it.  I take it day by day.  Before I'm asked to repeat myself I just take a deep breath and repeat myself slower - you see when I speak slow I feel so stupid.

Me, I asked them to repeat themselves too, but not often, as stubborn as I am I try to figure out what was said...and I will say that 7 times out of 10 my guess is right.  With names, OMG, that is a different monster.  Then I remember my own name...and then I wonder how they feel when they are trying to call me by my first name (sweet revenge).

Anyways being a Latina Mom has been rough for me, but it also has been difficult for my children.  They are with me all the time, so for them Mama does not have an accent yet all their friends say that their mama sounds funny.  The kids can be cruel but they can be also so adorable.  I keep telling my kids that I do not get offended when people make fun of the way I sound, or when I use the wrong verbs, etc.  I am aware that my knowledge of the English language is not the best...but hey...when you learn how to perfect another language then you have the right to lecture me.

The looks, OMG, the looks I get from people!!! Let me walked into Rush's (chicken place) and all the white folks turn their heads at me like I belong in a circus or something.  Sometimes it bother me...and others I really don't care.  The only thing that I will not tolerate in the South or anywhere else is for someone to tell me to speak in English....if anyone dare to tell me to stop speaking Spanish to my friends because they do not know what the hell I am saying...Lord help me...they better walk away as soon as I open my mouth because nothing pretty would come out of it.

Enough said about being Latina in the South.  I learned to like it, I love most of the people, and it has its charm, no doubt about it.

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A typicall Tuesday night...

Well, after coming home, chatting with the husband for a few minutes, cooking dinner, eating, cleaning the kitchen...I am able to relax.

Then I started thinking...I wonder what other families do on a Tuesday night?  I mean my husband and I are in out mid to late 30's and yes we both work and we are both tired from working all day.  But I can help but wonder if that is the typical thing American families do.

There is so much we could be doing around the house, the yard, yet I rather do something for fun...-I mean who wants to come home from an 8-9 hour work day-to do more work....Not this gal :)

Well if you read this, please let me know how your Tuesday nights go. I would love to read about it.  I might even get some ideas of what to do on my Tuesday night from you....Why not?  Come on...let's get this started.

Newbiee....Apenas estoy comenzando....

First timer here....I started reading others blogs and I thing is pretty cool. I think I want to participate as much as possible of this blogging world. I am very opinionated and passionate about the things that I believe.  To tell you something about better stay tune.

Primera vez...Comenze a leer los blogs de otras personas y pienso que es super divertido.  Creo que quiero participar de este mundo de blog.  Yo soy un persona con opinion propia  y muy apasionada sobre las cosas en las que creo.  Para que conozas mas sobre me....mantente contectado.