Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday...Crazy Thursday


Today is the first day on my weight watchers journey…the day started with a boiled egg (2pts)…then off to work I went.  At work, none of the things I had planned got done.  I had to deal with other “emergencies” so, my plan got push to Friday (possibly).  At mid-morning I ate some grapes (0pts).  Lunch was one slice of bread (2pts), 1 slice of cheese (1pt), 5 very thin slices of turkey breast (3pts) and water.  That was pretty good!  Around 3:00PM I ate some cantaloupe (0Pts)…I felt pretty good throughout the day.  Now here I am fixing the hubby and the kids something to eat…PIZZA (bummer)…I mean I am not a fan of frozen pizza, but obviously since I can’t have it…I want it!

I will stay strong…I have plenty of points to use.  I just do not want to let my wants control my needs.  I will be perfectly fine skipping pizza today.  I need to make this a life style if I expect to succeed. Taking this journey is more than just a mere desire to get healthy.  I want to look hot-spanking-gorgeous before I hit the “BIG 40” and only I get to decide and control that.  Wish me luck!!! And hey I am a little mad at your for reading my post and not leaving me any comments/feedback.  Come on, let’s keep it rolling…shoot me a comment…follow my blog…let’s share this life with each other…if nothing, at least it will keep us entertained!

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