Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hump Day...

HUMP DAY…      



Hello there!

What is for dinner on this gorgeous Wednesday?  I am fixing some cilantro rice with yummy fried pork chops and slices tomatoes on the side. I don’t know about you but it sounds pretty tasty!!!

Let me know what are cooking. Share some of your favorite recipes.  I am Puerto Rican but I love all kinds of foods…I love to try new things.

On another note…I joined the weight watchers today…however, I am not starting to count my points until tomorrow.  I did start my work-out today, so if you have some weight watchers tips please share them with me.  I decided to join weight watchers because I need to be held accountable.  I tried the program a few years ago and I easily lost 25 pounds.  This time I am determined and I have some support from some friends and co-workers.  I will be doing the point system and I am pumped.  I will keep you posted with my progress. I mean if you are nosy (like I am) I know you would want to know if I am losing the weight or not J

Tonight I am looking forward to BIG BROTHER… Oh yeah, every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night I have a “Big Brother” date with my husband…yes after many seasons they finally got us. It give us a good time together.  After 12 years, full time jobs and two pre-teens, we need something to look forward as a couple and we enjoy the show.  So needless to say that I will have to find another show that we can watch together once Big Brother is over.

Well…that is all for now…but don’t go too far…I probably will come back after dinner J


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