Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mind...could you please stop wondering...

Have you ever wonder about the "What if's"...I try very hard not to go there...but sometimes...I can't help it.

What if....I never left my Puerto Rico?  There are some regrets about leaving, but it was a decision that I made all by myself.

What if....I stayed in the ARMY? There are some regrets, the idea was to stay 20 years...and after 911...and becoming a mother...I made the decision of ending my Army adventure.

What if...I never got married? Well, this one is a though one...been that I am such an independent person I always though that I would never get married.  Well, I decided to get married and I have to say that I am the lucky one.  I am lucky to have a husband that totally adores me and accepts me for who I am.

What if....I never had children? This one is a no brainer...I cannot imagine my life without my Janie and my JJ.  My children are the reason I wake up every morning, they are the reason I breath.

There, when I reach that "What if"...that is when I realized...that things are meant to be...that even though we may think we have control of our lives, we decide what we do...destiny is already written...we just follow a path that lead us to where we need to go.  So...I want to forget the "What ifs"...I want to accept that all the things that I have done, all the places that I have been, all the people I have met...was based on my destiny. 

To loving forget about the look forward to tomorrow.

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