Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Likes and Dislikes about South Carolina


  • The weather -for the most part, is comfortable.
  • The slow pace -I lived in Arlington, VA and Ft. Sam Houston, TX and everything was a lot faster there.
  • BBQ -I mean seriously Carolina BBQ is Great.
  • The music- I love to listen to country music.
  • Gamecocks fans - they are the most loyal fans ever (and I don't even keep up with football).
  • Some people -I hate to say it but I am 50-50 on this one.  People from the south either like you or dislike you, there is no meeting in the middle.
  • The beach -logically coming from an island, I love the ocean.
  • Open fields -I love how I can drive for miles and miles and see nothing but open fields, green grass, cotton fields -it's so peaceful.
  • Sense of Family -Southerners take pride on their families and they always stick for each other.


  • Judgmental people - I can't believe that in 2013 people in the south, well some people, still judge you by your looks, or the way you sound, or where you come from.
  • Drivers -This one is kind of persona, I know I am an aggressive driver an I struggle with people driving under the speed limit.
  • Employment -Finding a job in South Carolina is a very, very difficult task.
  • Sweet Tea - OMG!! Sweet Tea in the Carolinas is almost like opening a bad of sugar and pouring it directly into your mouth.
  • DMV- This one again is personal...When you go to the DMV to get your driver's license and the moron at the front desk asks in any possible way if you are a US citizen, you answer yes, and the person asks "Since when".  Well, is not my fault that the ignorant employee did not know that P.R. is a territory of the United States. 
  • Country Girls -And again this one does not include all of them...just the ones that think they are better than anyone else in the world (and the sad thing is that they have never been anywhere else but  in the neck of the woods).
These are just some of the things that came to my mind today.  I do like most of the people that I have come across in South Carolina.  Just a few have crossed me the wrong way. I believe that South Carolina is a great place to raise my children.  I struggle with some people that due to the lack of education keep asking to see my green card...but that is OK....God gave me a mouth and I sure as hell know how to use it :)

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