Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stormy Thursday

Well Thursday is almost over...the Gamecocks -vs- UNC game has been delayed due to bad weather....the Gamecocks were kicking ass 27-10...Go Gamecocks.

Watched Big Brother and the blonde was sent home (thank God) she was booed by the live audience when she excited the house for all the racist comments she made through the show. Now I am only hoping that Amanda and McCrae do not win the HOH competition.

Being laying here trying to figure out he to attract more people to my Blog. I am a beginner and I am trying to make it please follow!

Also, today after work I met my children's teachers. Its so cute to see how embarrassed they are when mom and dad go to their schools....I love my kiddos.

Now it's time to shower and go to sleep...tomorrow another work day awaits...nite nite.

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