Friday, August 30, 2013


Friday...that means that my on-call week at DSS is over...happy dance...No big plans for the weekend, pretty much want to catch up on some sleep.

Fridays are usually crazy at work, so I am hoping that things are going to go smoothly...drama free for this day.

Fridays are usually date night for my son and I. A while back my boy mentioned that he wanted to watch "A Haunting". So, we started watching the show together. Then I started noticing that, while the show was playing, I would go quickly to the kitchen to get a snack or something to drink and my boy will follow me. If I needed a bathroom break, my boy would pause the TV...also when the scenes will get s bit scary, he would hold on to my arm. Then I realized...he was actually scared!! So, I asked the boy...Why do you want to watch the show? His answer -"I don't know mama"....I we "watch" the show...and my adorable boy will hold on to my arm with his eyes closed as soon as the scary parts start showing. Needless to say I look forward spending that time with my kiddo. I mean he is already 11 years old, taller than me, and puberty is hitting him hard, so mama will cherish every single second the boy wants to spend with his mama.

Fridays are also days when I mentally plan things to do with the kids. I know I am due to spend some fun time with my girl. Usually movies and a trip to the bookstore is something that both of us enjoy. So maybe Saturday will be a movie night for mama and daughter.

With Jason, my husband, I might take him out Saturday for breakfast...just the two of us.

Well, now I have to get ready to go to work...I will come back later. Thanks for reading...feel free to leave comments...let me know what are your plans for the weekend and tell me...How was your Friday?

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