Friday, August 30, 2013

The importance of having friends

Friends...Sometimes people that play an important role in our longer are part of it. A friend, no matter what the circumstances are...will always STAY. Treasure your friends.

What is a friend? What is an acquaintance?

I think a friend is someone who will always be there for you even when you are at your worst. A friend is someone in who you condide things that are private or special for you knowing with certainty that that person would never judge you or repear the things you have said. An acquaintance for me is someone that you know, someone you interact on a daily basis or a lot, yet there is a feeling of unease, a something that would not let you move to the friendship level.

How often do friends see each other?

It truly does not even matter! A friend will always be a friend whether you spend time with that person or not. Years can go by and as soon as you see or hear that person you go back to the same level of comfort, the same trust, like you have just seen that person a day or so ago.

Why have a friend or friends?

Because when you have a friend, its a click, a magical thing just happens. A frienship is never planned or forced. Just like falling in love with your's something just happens. Having friends is like air. You need air to breathe...some people like me need live.

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