Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Morning Thoughts
Well, its Thursday…one more day before the weekend is here. Today I have lots of things to do at work…but I am so hooked on this “blogging thing” that I don’t want to stop.

Let’s see… today I woke up at 5:30AM, got lunch boxes for my husband and my two middle school kids, woke the kids up, made some yummy puertorrican coffee (Yaucono) and sent the kids to the school bus. They were out of the house by 6:20AM. Then the husband got ready for work and he was out of the house by 7:10AM. Then I had total silence in the house for a few minutes. I don’t want to sound harsh…but working for DSS and having a family can get pretty busy…so when I get some alone time…I cherish it. About 7:30 I decided to get ready to work and I left the house around 7:45.

Now here I am at work…trying to decide what to tackle today…I think home visits are the order today.

Today is the Gamecocks 1st game against UNC and everyone in South Carolina is excited and all you see is the garnet colors. I like the University of South Carolina, I just don’t know much about football. If I had to pick a team I would definitely go with the Gamecocks . So Go GAMECOCKS!!!

Later today the plan is to visit the children’s school. They have their open house today and that will give daddy and me a chance to meet the kid’s teacher (which I am so looking forward to…).
I guess that its it for now…later on I will come back with another blog…thinking about having a fun questions and answers kind of game for Thursdays…but now…I really have to get back to work. Happy Thursday!!! Feliz Jueves!!!

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