Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A typicall Tuesday night...

Well, after coming home, chatting with the husband for a few minutes, cooking dinner, eating, cleaning the kitchen...I am able to relax.

Then I started thinking...I wonder what other families do on a Tuesday night?  I mean my husband and I are in out mid to late 30's and yes we both work and we are both tired from working all day.  But I can help but wonder if that is the typical thing American families do.

There is so much we could be doing around the house, the yard, yet I rather do something for fun...-I mean who wants to come home from an 8-9 hour work day-to do more work....Not this gal :)

Well if you read this, please let me know how your Tuesday nights go. I would love to read about it.  I might even get some ideas of what to do on my Tuesday night from you....Why not?  Come on...let's get this started.

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