Saturday, August 31, 2013

Things I am loving this Saturday

This Saturday I am loving...

My new I-Phone 5
It was time for a phone upgrade...I've had my Blackberry for a few years and my husband was insisting that it was time for me to get a new phone.  Well, I could not decide between the Samsung Galaxy and the I-Phone.  Friday evening, all of the sudden I tell my husband, well let's get the phone.  I decided for the I-Phone (mainly because of all the accessories).  I am loving my new phone!!!

This "Frontera" marinate is amazing

I discovered this "Frontera" marinating bags at WalMart a few weekends ago.  I am totally in love with this. They come in different flavors and its as simple as pouring the contents into the meat, cook and enjoy.

One last favorite of the day is this "Mainstays" Raspberry Parfait candle

This smells so good...they were cheap too.  I bought this one at WalMart last week and I just lit one up today...the smell is very soothing!

This are my "I am loving this Saturday" items today. 

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